SDC3a Test Dataset

In order to ensure that participating teams submit correctly calculated cylindrical power-spectra, we have provided both an "observed" EoR H21cm signal image cube with a different realisation to the main challenge dataset, and the corresponding calculated values for P(k, k⟂). 

The "observed" EoR image cube has undergone the same simulated observation pipeline as the main challenge dataset, and as such it contains noise and is convolved by the primary beam and the PSF, however no foregrounds are present. The corresponding power spectrum represents the ground truth, and has been computed on the noiseless, unconvolved EoR realisation. 

Participating teams are encouraged to test their power spectrum estimation, primary beam and PSF deconvolution, as well as adherence to the SDC3a submission format, by computing the cylindrical power spectrum of the test dataset and comparing it with the provided ground truth.  Bins in both k and k⟂ are provided. 

Test Image Cube

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