Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a range of frequency asked questions pertinent to SDC3. In case your query is not listed below, please check our dedicated Slack workspace in case it has been raised there. If has not been raised, please ask your question on the relevant help channel within the SDC3 Slack workspace and keep all replies within the same thread. This way, should any other participants have a similar query, they can refer to your thread on Slack.



Do I have to register for both parts of the challenge?

No! A participating team can register for either, or both, parts of SDC3.

How will my personal data be handled?

Please see our data protection document here for further details.

Can I register as a member of two (or more), different teams?

Yes, as long as it is agreed by the team leaders of both teams and there are no conflicts of interest.


Are the two datasets for SDC3a and SDC3b related?

Our datasets have been produced with different cosmological timelines for each challenge, whilst being within current constraints on redshift-ranges for the Epoch of Reionisation. This means teams registering for SDC3b alone, will be at no disadvantage to other teams who had competed in SDC3a. This is a competition after all!

How do I get access to the dataset?

Our datasets will be hosted on this website upon the launch of the challenge. 

Computational Resources

How do I utilise the HPC computational resources?

During the registration process, we ask you to provide details of both your approach to the challenge(s) and computational preferences. After registration ends, the SDC committee will allocate each team an HPC facility based upon requirements and availability. When each team has been allocated their respective resource, details of how to access the facility's server can be found in the 'User Access' section for each HPC facility. Please see here for more details.

Discussion Forum 

How do I join the discussion forum?

Upon registration, an invitation to our dedicated SDC3 slack workspace will be sent to all participants listed. In case you have not yet received an invitation, but are affiliated with a competing team, please email SKASDC3 (at) and CC your team leader on the email.

Team management

Can we register a team with a given number of members and then add more people during the challenge?

Yes, please make sure to register your team name and initial members by the closing date 12th April. New members can then be added to a registered team during the challenge period (May-January).

We would like to try at least two different approaches to the challenge; can a team submit more than one answer to the challenge?

If you are planning to approach the challenge using more than one method, please create a separate registration for each method that you are planning, with each registration containing the whole, same, team. The final submission you make for each method will then be counted, and your team will receive separate feedback on each submission. If, during the challenge, your team decides to try any additional methods, we can also create a new registration for your team for each new method.