Resources per team

Resource Access

Resource management

Software management



Resource location

Technical Specifications


Technical specifications

Per user resource

Software installed

Volume of resource

GPUs if any

User access

Request access

If your project has been allocated resources on GENCI/IDRIS supercomputer, the scientific project's

leader (or alternatively the project’s leader) would be contacted by IDRIS to explain how to create

project and users account at IDRIS.

Logging in

All users will connect on, through ssh:

$ ssh <login>

How to run a workflow

Jobs will be executed on computing resources through Slurm. Full documentation (including examples) is provided at the following address:

Accessing the data cube

Input Data will be stored on an IBM Spectrum Scale file system mounted on every accelerated node. IDRIS will provide the directory path name where data will be stored.

Different storage spaces are available, as detailed here: .

Software management

Installed software is managed through the module environment. Installation of missing libraries is handled through regular support request. User can also install their own libraries.

A list of currently available tools and library is available at the following address:


Single-node and multi-node container usage through singularity (see for the relevant documentation).


The documentation is available online at the following address:

Resource management


For more details, please refer to

The IDRIS HPC community is supported by the following people:

Credits and acknowledgements 

This work was granted access to the HPC resources of IDRIS under the allocation 20XX-[project number] made by GENCI.