Resources per team

  • Teams will be given access to FinisTerrae-III HPC system. FinisTerrae-III is a combined CPU and GPU system

  • Teams will be granted a maximum of 100,000 CPU core hours

  • 2 TB of persistent storage per team will be available for the duration of the data challenge

Resource Access

  • SSH + remote desktop (like VNC)

  • VPN is required

  • Teams will need to request a user account completing

Data cube access

  • Read-only access to shared folder (like NFS)

Resource management

  • SLURM batch system provides access to nodes of the system

Software management

  • Users are able to install software in their user space, and have it available across the compute nodes

  • Containers are supported with Singularity and udocker.


  • General documentation available in


  • Enquiries may be sent to

  • Participants may join our Slack workspace by emailing and request to be added.

Resource location

  • Spain

Technical specifications


  • Detailed information about FinisTerrae-III is avaiable at

Technical specifications

  • Over 20.000 cores Intel Xeon Ice Lake 8352Y

  • Infiniband Interconnect

  • 128 NVIDIA A100 GPUs

  • Lustre file system for high performance IO

  • NFS shared file system for software and permanent storage

  • Tape library for long term retention storage

Per user resource

  • 100,000 CPU hours available

  • 2 TB persistent (for the duration of the challenge) storage per team

Software installed

  • A wide range of system software as described in the documentation.

  • User software can be directly installed in home and project spaces.

  • Singularity containers are supported.

GPUs if any

  • Access to Nvidia A100 GPUs on request.

User access

Users accounts

Teams members must request a user account by completing this form, specifying:

  • Institution: SKAO

  • Center: SKAO

  • Department: SKAO

  • Responsible [staff member] of the department: Dr. Susana Sánchez

Having filled this document, team members will receive an email to confirm the data of the request, and once confirmed, another email will be sent with a PDF. That PDF must be signed either with a digital certificate or manually, and sent by email to

Once CESGA receives this document the users will get the credentials to access our facilities.

Logging in

To access the system with SSH a VPN connection is needed. Detailed documentation to setup the VPN and connect with SSH is provided in CESGA documentation.

Resource management

  • Compute nodes are managed through SLURM.

  • FinisTerrae-III provides extensive monitoring and resource tracking capabilities.

Credits and acknowledgements

We kindly request you to acknowledge the CESGA in any work or publication derived from its use as indicated in the specific conditions of use of CESGA computing resources:


Users can request support via email at

Participants can join our Slack workspace by emailing and request to be added.