Resources per team: HPC Cluster

Resource Access:  ssh access to head node, requires VPN from outside University of Manchester.

Resource management: A SLURM batch queue manager will manage user jobs. Users will have access to a shared network file system.

Software management: Options include singularity containers, local module packages or user code.

Documentation: Users will be provided with local user guide documentation.

Support: A mailing list will be provided with support given on a best efforts basis.

Resource location: Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Technical specifications


The UKRC resource at Jodrell Bank comprises a multi node HPC/GPU cluster running a slurm batch queue system.

Technical specifications

The cluster offers nodes with either 24 threads/64 GB RAM or 16 threads/1.5 TB RAM with 38 nodes having dual A100 GPU cards.

Per user resource

The cluster operates a fair shares algorithm between all the users.

Software installed

OS - Centos 7, CUDA,  CASA

GPUs if any

2x Tesla A100 in 38 nodes.

User access

Account Setup

To set up user accounts please email Anthony Holloway.

Logging in

ssh access to the cluster head node. Will require University of Manchester VPN from offsite.

How to run a workflow

Slurm batch script submission, using your own code, local software modules or containers.

Software management

Users can compile their own codes, make use of module packages or their own singularity containers


SIngularity or docker container images can be run using singularity


A user start up guide will be provided. Further support via a mailing list on a best-efforts basis.

Resource management

The JBCA computing team will manage and monitor the resources 


Support will be via a dedicated e-mail mailing list.

Credits and acknowledgements 

The UK SKA Regional Centre (UKSRC) is funded by the 

IRIS is funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council.

STFC is one of the seven research councils within UK Research & Innovation.